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Campground Rules and Regulations 
Basic rules and regulations have been established in order to insure that all of our campers have an enjoyable stay. For this reason, rules are strictly enforced. Please observe the following guidelines during your stay at Tamworth Camping Area. 
Campfires: All of our campsites have a picnic table and a fireplace with a grate. (The only exception is the un-numbered side of the Safari Area; NO CAMPFIRES at these sites.) All Campfires must be out by MIDNIGHT. In addition, the Fire Warden requires that a six-foot radius around all fireplaces be kept clear of all leaves, debris, wood, etc. The Fire Warden has given us the authority to place our own fire ban if conditions require it. Only severe drought or unusually high winds would necessitate a fire ban. Please keep fires low and attended. Please dispose of ALL smoking materials in fireplaces only. This means using ash trays outside and dumping ash trays in fireplaces. It takes only one small spark to start a forest fire! NO FIREWORKS, FIREARMS OR SPARKLERS. It is a violation of NH state law to move a fireplace and to bring firewood from outside New Hampshire. We sell NH certified bug-free firewood. ONLY Certified Bug-free firewood is allowed in our campground.

Water Conservation: In order to have enough water to get through the busy summer season, we MUST conserve at all times. Please conserve water when washing dishes, taking a shower, and flushing toilets in trailers. Unnecessary use of water for washing cars or trailers is NOT permitted.

Pets: We welcome pets here at Tamworth Camping Area. All pets MUST be on a leash, cleaned up after, and not left unattended at any time. There are a couple of local kennels where you can board your dog if you prefer. All dogs must have a current Rabies Certificate available for office staff to copy and keep on file. This includes any dogs visiting for the day. Please call us if you need more information.

Speed Limit: The maximum speed limit for all campground roads is 5 miles per hour. Please drive carefully! Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way!

Rubbish Removal: All bottles, cans and Household Rubbish must be placed in plastic bags and tied tightly. Rubbish bags are available at the office for FREE if you don’t have your own. Please place tied bags in the dumpster located across from the Rec Barn. BEARS and other small animals have been known to “visit”us. Please keep food in tight containers and take rubbish to the dumpster every day before dark.

Parking: No more than one or two cars may be parked on a site at any one time. Certain sites cannot handle the second car when the site is filled with camping equipment. Extra cars or cars which obstruct road traffic must be parked in the Visitors Parking Area, located along the left side of the entrance road just before the cabins. Please refrain from parking extra cars on an empty site or in open areas between sites or on the grass.

Visitors: All Visitors, both day and overnight, must register and pay at the office before entering the camping area. Visitors must park in designated parking area. ALL day visitors must leave the camping area by 10:00PM. No exceptions. TOTAL SITE OCCUPANCY NOT TO EXCEED 4 ADULTS AND 4 CHILDREN AT ANY TIME.
Visitor Fees
Adults Children under 18
$5.00 - day $10.00 - overnight $2.00 - day $5.00 - overnight
Security Gate: The gate is FULLY operational 24 Hours per day. You may always leave the camping area by pulling close to the orange bar which senses the metal in your vehicle and opens automatically. To enter the camping area, you must check in at the office when you first arrive. At that time, you may pay a $10 CASH deposit on a gate card which allows you entry at your convenience. You receive a $10 refund when you turn your plastic gate card in at the office. Day Visitors or those who are here for just one night may gain entry by first registering at the office and then pulling up to the gate and displaying their car pass at the passenger window. Only one vehicle may pass through the gate at one time. The bar must come down after each vehicle. Attempts to rush through more than one vehicle on one lift of the gate could result in damage to your vehicle or the gate. Cost to you of replacing a damaged gate is $50. If you are towing a non-metal utility trailer or boat, please check at the office before proceeding through the gate.

Sewage Disposal: The State of New Hampshire prohibits dumping of gray water on the ground. Guests who do not have on-site sewage must use one of the following services to take care of both “black water” and “gray water” disposal. A pull through “Dump Station” is provided next to the Field Bath House for the convenience of our camping guests. A 22-gallon blue “honey wagon” is available for your self-service use.
Additional Information for Laconia Motorcycle Rally Attendees
(and other camping guests):
Things are shaping up for a fun filled Laconia Motorcycle Week this year, as we welcome bikers from all the New England states plus Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Minnesota, Virginia, Missouri, Maryland, and beyond. Just a few notes so we will all be on the same page when you arrive. Please read the following information carefully since you are responsible for understanding each of these policies. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions which we have not answered.

Distance from the Rally: We are 25 miles from Weirs Beach, which is the center of most of the activity. It is about a 40 minute ride on good state highways.

Capacity of your campsite: Our campsites are large, level and private, so you have room for your camping equipment, and/or motorcycle trailer, tow vehicle and bikes right on your site. There is ample parking nearby for motorcycle trailers or extra cars which you may not be needing during your stay. Please ask a staff person for directions to the extra parking areas.

Campsite Occupancy: We do limit our site occupancy to four adults at any time, including daytime visitors, so that our facilities will operate efficiently when every site is occupied. Basic site prices range from $35-$54 per night, depending upon the amenities of the site, for 2 adults. Extra adults are $10 per night each. A day-only visitor is $5 per adult. Day visitors must leave by 10PM. All visitors must check in and out at the office!

Security: Our security gate is always operational and requires a card to enter the camping area. All two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles must use the gate. Every campsite has an assigned card which you receive at check-in. A second card may be requested at that time if your camping party members will be returning at different times. A $10 cash deposit is required for each card. A security person is on duty in the evenings, and the answering system for the office phone is checked routinely.

Office Hours: Our office hours are generally 8:00AM to 7:00PM, Sunday through Thursday, and 8:00AM to 9:00PM on Friday and Saturday. Check-in time is from 2:00PM to closing. If you have problems along the way, we welcome a phone call to let us know when you will be arriving so we can make arrangements for you to find your site when you arrive.

Shower, Bathroom & Laundry Facilities: We have a total of 10 showers located at three different bathroom facilities and they are all unisex and coin operated. A fourth bathroom facility has sinks and toilets only. We have washers and driers at the Rec Barn and next to the office. Change is available at the office or store (no change machines).

Stores & Eating Places: We have several very nice restaurants within a few miles of the camping area, as well as MacDonald’s, Subway and Dunkin Donuts. We also have a small store next to the office where we sell campfire wood, cold drinks (not alcoholic), ice, and a limited variety of groceries (including coffee, ice cream, snack foods, fishing & camping accessories, health & beauty items, toys, gifts, souvenirs and clothing.) Larger full service grocery stores are 8-14 miles from our door (about 10-20 minutes away).

Activities Available at the Camping Area: On Saturday, June 16th, we will have a “Make Your Own Ice Cream Sundae” at the Red Rec Barn next to the office, beginning at 7:00 PM and ending at 8:00 PM. You get two scoops of delicious ice cream with your choice of nine different toppings for $3.50 per serving. Proceeds benefit Heifer International, an organization helping the world’s hungry to feed themselves by teaching them to raise animals and practice sustainable agriculture. Our animals enjoy being patted and fed with grain we sell in our store. Swimming and tubing may be enjoyed from our beach or directly from your waterfront site. Fishing with bait or flies may be enjoyed upstream from our swimming area or downstream from the last campsite. Fishing upstream beyond the bridge across Route 113 is fly fishing only.

Cancellation & Refund Policy: There is a $15.00 fee on each site that is cancelled. Cancellations received prior to May 20th will receive a full refund less the $15.00 fee per site. Cancellations received on or after May 20th will be refunded only for the actual days the site is re-rented.

Quiet Hours: We anticipate that everyone will be considerate of their fellow campers by operating their bikes as quietly as possible, particularly if you are returning to your campsite after the 11:00PM quiet time. Quiet Hours should be maintained until 8:00AM.

Emergencies: All of our staff will be happy to assist you with any problem or emergency. Please report such situations to the office immediately so we can contact any needed local emergency personnel. Their response time is quite good. Our local Hospital in Wolfboro operates their outpatient as a daily walk-in clinic, and their Emergency Room is always available. Emergency phone calls are delivered as soon as we get them.

Phone and Internet Service: Cell phone service has been steadily improving and is now quite good for most service providers. We also have a public phone on the deck to the right of the office door (free call to our office after hours). We have an Internet Hot Spot in the area of our office and Rec Barn which operates 24/7 and requires a password.

Nearby Attractions: For those who are traveling from outside New England, we are geographically in the middle of New England. Within an hour’s ride, you can be at the lakes, in the mountains, or at the seacoast. We maintain a well stocked brochure rack for area attractions. We also have a small farm right here, and our waterfront along the Swift River exemplifies the pristine mountain stream.

Repair Parts & Service: We have two motorcycle shops within a few miles of our door, plus the Harley dealers shops in Meredith and North Conway. There is also a local NAPA dealer within a few miles of the campground.
We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

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